As time moved along, our lives became hopelessly entwined with our babies. It became apparent to us that Biggie and Shrimp were two complicated, highly advanced creatures who were extremely fascinating and it seemed that every day brought out some new trait that we had not seen before. Early on we found out that spending time playing with them had its rewards.

Mulie appears to be making a raspberry at the camera but, in fact, she is just eating Cheez-its.
One day while we were out playing with them, Shrimp did something we had not seen before. I guess you might say that while playing with us she experienced a kind of burst of joy, as near as I can describe it. She started to whirl rapidly around and around at the same time jumping up and down and rolling across the ground. She looked at me as if to say, how did you like that? I scrubbed her up and down her back and praised her for her new trick or kind of gleeful dance and she stuck her nose up to my nose and a pleasant look came over her face and she kind of glowed with satisfaction. Biggie, not to be outdone, turned perfect head over heel somersaults. Jan scratched her and praised her the same as I had done for Shrimp. It was a feeling of indescribable joy to be included in their play just as if we were raccoons.

Shrimp and Biggie—
the main characters of the story.

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