I would like to say here that raccoons are very affectionate animals and, since we were the only parents they knew, we were the receivers of this affection. We observed the two of them quite often, fleaing each other. This is one way that raccoons show affection. They will flea each other simultaneously, usually near the neck and ears. We found out that if we took our hands and fingers and started to scratch them near the neck or ears, that they would lavish affection on us too.

Author John Gay,
“When God made raccoons, He must have
stood back and smiled.”
It is an indescribable feeling of warmth and belonging to be groomed by a raccoon who sees you as their parent. Since I wore a beard they really got into fleaing me as they would chomp their teeth up and down with a chattering vibration, simulating the crushing of imaginary fleas, to please and show me affection. They seemed a little puzzled while showing Jan this same affection as they would start to flea her chin then look at her as if to say where is your beard?

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