At about six weeks of age, the milk and honey did not seem to satisfy them, so we asked a veterinarian about this and were told to add strained chicken baby food to the milk and honey mixture. The veterinarian sold us small pet nurser bottles, but we soon found out that they were too small for the strained chicken baby food to pass through the tiny nipples on the bottles. We went shopping for some baby bottles with the larger nipples. We had to put a larger hole in the nipples to accommodate the thicker formula. This seemed to work just fine, and they took to it with a vengeance.

Janice Gay and Rascal—using his hand
as a pacifier, while showing the bond
between him and his human mother.
We saw a marked change in their growth after changing bottles and adding the chicken. They started to change rapidly and you could see that this formula worked wonders for them as their masks and the rings on their tails started to darken, and their coats got thicker and began to shine.

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