Gratitude and loyalty come in many forms. What started out as an act of compassion for two motherless baby raccoons, began a season that was to forever change the lives of a Florida couple, John and Janice Gay.

Their home was near a creek that flowed beyond their backyard. One day, they found themselves in possession of two sibling female baby raccoons. Read how this heartwarming story came to be on a CD-ROM book called, Keepers of the Forest. Relive the exploits and antics of Shrimp and Biggie with the raccoon people, as John and Janice came to be known.

Misty (above) and her babies:
Mulie and Baby.

Over the years as word spread about John and Janice, many raccoons have passed through raccoonville, including Chloe, Buddy, Misty, Baby, Mulie, Sophia, Rascal, and Dancer, to name a few. Word seems to also have spread throughout the animal kingdom, with the arrival of a Muscovy duck, who flew in one day and landed... to stay.

As an interlude, Keepers of the Forest also includes photos and stories of historical sites in Florida, such as Pats Island, the inspiration for Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Yearling.

Read four short excerpts here of this 36-chapter memoir to experience some of the laughter, tears, joys, and fears that John and Janice Gay lived.

The CD-ROM version contains 49 color photos. A clear cover photocopy version is also available with 49 black & white photos. Please see the Ordering Information for prices and details.

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