Hello, my name is Beauregard. Welcome to my web site from Chicago.

I’m a tuxedo cat, and consider myself the original Yuscie (Young Urban Sophisti-Cat). I’m mostly black, but have four white paws, white under my chin, down my chest, and on my belly. However, my most striking feature is the white blaze between my eyes.

Handsome, aren't I? I was adopted by these two really big cats who walk only on two legs! One I call my Big Female Cat (BFC) and the other is my Big Male Cat (BMC). They feed me every day and change the litter box and provide for all my other needs.

They speak strangely and it’s sometimes hard to understand them. My BMC says my coat looks like a fur coat because it’s shiny and sleek. Duh! It is a fur coat—mine. (See what I mean about understanding them!)

My BMC likes to play with me.

This is my BFC watching TV.

By the way, here are some videos I took of my BMC and BFC relaxing.


This is the squirrel that lives in the tree in front of our house. I call her Secret. (To see more of Secret, click here. Or, to see our Raccoon neighbors, click here.)

Feel free to browse through my site. I’ll tell you about my lifestyle, my Big Cats, and a bunch of other stuff.

Don’t forget to visit my private art gallery—I keep adding new acquisitions, depending on the activity of my cat food stock investments.

Oh I almost forgot, I have two older sisters. Blondie is the oldest and she’s real bossy. My other sister, Punkin (Punkie), is the brains in the family. (She's a filmmaker. Be sure to check out the latest releases from Punkie Productions below. ) I'm the youngest in the family.

Check out two releases starring me from: 

Release date: summer 1999
"Definitely four paws up!"
The Feline American
"It was all my fault!"
Three kitties, one baffling food dish, no explanations...

NOW, experience the drama that went into the making of The Black Food Dish Project in Paws and Whiskers...
Release date: summer 2000
"The new standard in feline documentaries!"
Journal of Cat Cinema
If you can't see the Paws and Whiskers animated banner above, you will need to download and install the Flash Player plug-in by clicking here.

Visit Punkie Productions

Last updated: February 10, 2011
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